My Journey Through the Forrest

As baby Squirrles we are told in order to be successful and get a job at Squirrel Inc, we must travel through the Forrest for four years in order to gain knowledge and become educated. What they don’t tell you is how many acorns you will have to borrow in order to start your journey. My family never had many acorns, so in order to get to Squirrel Inc, I had to work several jobs in the Forrest along the way. Weekends and nights I worked at the local TreeHouse serving nuts to other squirrels for a very small amount of acorns.

As you journey through the Forrest you are assigned to meet with a squirrel advisor, who is to serve as your guide ensuring you are on the right path to Squirrel Inc. You see because I never had many acorns, it took me six years to travel through the Forrest. As I began my sixth and final year, I was exhausted and hungry, my fur was beginning to turn grey and all I wanted to do was work at Squirrel Inc. I was told by my advisor I only had one more path to walk down until I would arrive at my destination. They say in life you should always follow your instincts, although I trusted and was fond of my advisor, I began to have doubts and worry about my journey. One day I decided to visit to the Chair of the Forrest who gave me the unexpected news that my advisor was wrong, and I would have to pay more acorns, and spend more time walking in the Forrest. Upon receiving this news I wanted to leave the Forrest forever, but I didn’t; I decided to fight and to keep on going, because of that decision I was put back on the right path.

There is an amazing book written by a famous squirrel called “The Alchemist,” it is about following your passion and finding your purpose. Near the end of the book he says, “right before your dream is realized the soul of the world will test you on every lesson learned along the way.” The truth is the world will never stop testing you, nor is it against you, and it is your choice to decide what path you will take, or if you will take one at all. The most valuable education you will receive isn’t taught to you by the Forrest but it is found in the lessons you learn about yourself while traveling through it. And it doesn’t matter how many acorns you have, or how there will always seem to be squirrels who walk through the forest faster than you. What really matters is that you keep on walking, and even though there will be times when the Forrest is so dark you will forget where you are going, what you can’t ever allow yourself to forget, is that every day the sun still rises.

Britney’s “Work Bitch” is More than Just a Pop Song

image  I can’t be the only one who feels personally empowered by Britney Spears telling me to work while calling me a bitch, but Britney’s new song is more than just catchy lyrics and a killer dance beat, it is a positive message children in America need to hear. In a society where Kim Kardashian is famous for doing absolutely nothing, someone named Honey Boo Boo makes more money than I do, and Miley Cyrus has apparently given up on wearing pants; our children could really use someone to look up to. That someone may have been been bald the entire year of 2008, but its 2013 and Britney is back and stronger than ever.

   Some people are disappointed with Britney’s comeback, but you know what is more disappointing? The unemployment rate and driving past liquor stores proudly advertising they accept EBT cards. Whitney Houston once said “children are our future,” but what message is society sending our children? The key to success is not swinging pant-less from a wrecking ball; the key to success is perseverance and hard work. Somewhere along the way the word “twerk” has been sadly mistaken for the word “work,” and its about time someone cleared that up. Thank you Britney. If you want to put your hot body into your Maserati and sip martinis while partying in France, you will indeed have to work. Bitch.

The Illusion of An Education

To speak against education in this country is like walking around naked. Unless you want to be deemed as an ignorant outcast of society you just don’t do it. I am 25 and in the midst of a quarter life crisis. After receiving my Associates Degree at a community college, I am spending my first year at a California University and I am severely questioning why I am putting all my money into something I’m not sure I even believe in.

I am plagued with a desire to learn all that cannot be taught to me in school. On a daily basis I deal with “educated” professors who teach about sociology or psychology yet have no idea how to be social or manage their own arrogance. I sit in classrooms filled with a 150 other people, most of which are on their cell phones, staring at the clock counting down the remaining hours, or not even attempting to hide the fact that they are sleeping. When asked “why are you here?” The most common response is, “because I have to be, to get a better job, to be successful, to be happy. Is this true? Do these things come from signing a role sheet, writing papers, and staying up all night cramming for information that you will immediately forget after you have been tested on it? Does having the money for an education make you more educated than someone who can’t afford one?

I am not saying there is nothing to be learned and valued from an education, but I am rather just questioning what our education system has become. Are we really creating a society of “successful” people? Or are we feeding our youth an illusion that education is something that can only be paid for.